Shikkui Small Quantity Packages

Shikkui Product – Small quantity trial use sets.

Tariki Limited LLC has Shikkui small quantity trial use sets available for purchase. These sets provide enough material to try working with Shikkui evaluate products for yourself.

Call Tariki at 603-469-3243 to purchase.

Interior Use

Sora Set: Spray, trowel, or roller application. (85 sq ft)

Price: $85.00

4 Kg Interior Base

4 Kg Sora Interior Base

Classic Shikkui Set: Traditional Shikkui, trowel application        

Price: $57.00

4 Kg Interior Base

4 Kg Classic

Bright Shikkui Set

Shikkui with added white, Trowel application


4 Kg Interior Base

4 Kg Bright

Exterior Use

Sample set for Shikkui classic application on masonry             Price: $48.00

4 Kg Cement Base

4 Kg Classic

1 Shikkui Oil